McKennett Forsberg Voll & Gjovig, P.C., also known as the McKennett Law
Firm, has provided exceptional legal care to clients in Northwestern North Dakota and
Northeastern Montana for over 60 years.

Much has changed since Telmar Rolfstad and Dean Winkjer founded this law firm back
in 1947. Technology has changed the way people do business, communicate and see
the world. With progress and growth, some good things can be lost. Things like the
special services provided by a hometown business where they knew your first name
and used it, and the comfort of being able to know and trust every person in town. A
handshake does not always mean what we hope it will.

At the McKennett Law Firm, you won’t find back offices full of nameless associates
cranking out “billable hours”. You will find a partnership of lawyers who believe in each
other and in their clients. Sure, we use the same modern technology as the big multistate
firms to benefit our clients and we know how to protect our clients and seek
positive results. Our attorney profiles will tell you about our experience.

With that said, though, we think there is something more important to you. We are
people, just like you, who want to be happy, feel safe and know we have taken the
steps needed to protect ourselves and those we care about. We don’t forget that our
clients are just like us. So, whether you just learned that a handshake wasn’t good
enough or are wondering if it might be, our lawyers and support staff are here to help.